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I own a 2012 Toyota Rav4 Sport V6 which stock tires are 235/55R18 run flats. I would like to put a tire with Meat for off-road can I use a 17" rim and with which tire to achieve larger sidewalks (so I can deflate offroad) Will it have to have the tire sensor installed? Can I use rims from other toyotas? Which ones? Thx fieldwork

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They did offer 16's and 17's in 2012. If you have TPMS now you'll need them in the new wheels. Use this site and the wheel specs to cross check other Toyotas too.

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I'm in a similar position. I have the stock 225/65R17 tires on my 'new-to-me' 2009 V6 AWD. I'm looking to go up a few sizes and a modest lift.

I have a set of 245/65R17 studless snow tires I 'test fit' and they don't rub front or back, and it appears there is room to go bigger. I have NOT taking it off-road with these tires and tested it with any articulation to see if the tires rub when turned full left/right and compressed/extended. I'm also looking at the 235/70R17 as they should fit. Will update if I go that route.

Here are some tire sizes I'm considering - note that the diameters listed are for an average tire for the listed size. You'll want to look up the tire's exact specs online. I use THIS site for comparisons of sizes.

Stock RAV4: 215/70R16 = 27.9"; 225/65R17= 28.5"; (Sport) 235/55R18 = 28.2"

Optional sizes:
  • 16"
  • 235/70R16 = 29"
  • 225/75R16 = 29.3"

  • 17"
  • 235/65R17= 29"
  • 245/65R17= 29.5"
  • 235/70R17= 30"

  • 18"
  • 235/65R18= 30"
None of the more off-road worthy Toyotas (Tacoma, FJ Cruiser, 4Runner, etc) have compatible wheels. Different bolt pattern. But you can look-up online for other 5x114.3 bolt-pattern wheels. Note that the Center Bore of the wheel must be at least 60.1mm to fit as well as the wheel's Offset must match. And if you find a steel wheel (like those used for snow tires), you'll want different lug nuts - I bought a set of acorn-style nuts that work well: 12mm x 1.50 Thread Size and 13/16" Hex/lug wrench size.

REMEMBER that you'll need a spare that matches - at least in diameter- the tires that you install or you can damage your transmission and/or transfer case if AWD. On my '09 the 245/65R17 is too wide for the rear spare carrier (as was a 235/65R17 I also tried) so I need to get creative. I have an extra 225/75R16 that I might use.

Also, recommend you check out the undercarriage/underside of the RAV4 for vulnerable spots before doing any rock-hopping. There are a few sensors (can't recall their names) that are not very well protected under there.

I previously had an '07 RAV4 w/the TPMS and we used a set of dedicated winter snow tires (225/70R16) on '03 Highlander rims for 10 seasons without the TPMS sensors. The ABS, Traction control (TRAC), and Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) all worked great. We lived w/the dash warning light on during the winter (I didn't bother w/the resistor 'fix'). I checked the tires every few weeks like I'd done on every pre-TPMS car I owned.

(And if you know all this, it's not intended to be condescending just overly helpful.)

Lift: I'm looking for 1-2" as that won't cause issues with CV axles or other suspension-related items. I found a Front 2" & Rear 1" Leveling Lift Kit for <$200 that should suffice. It appears to be the same as the ReadyLift 69-5320 SST Lift Kit. If I need more than that or decide to get more serious than I'll have to replace the RAV4 with a better option. We just need to get over and thru some of the lesser-maintained forest service roads around us. And the occasional deep snow in the winter.
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