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Tired of posting about front end info

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I've posted twice already, and I must say that people in general today are basically stupid ok?, they will post not knowing what the fuck they are talking about so don't post if you don't know and if nobody posts I'll be happy with that to. Trust me I'm just as bad.., when I crank the motor I expect it to start and when I hit the gas I expect it to go, but I just want my car fixed right now - is that a sin?
Just telling me the easiest and cheapest route to replace all the parts would have been the coolest but that would seem like a miracle to me at this point because Toyota charges about 250 for parts eachside of the car for control arm/bushings/b.j., which is basically insane.
All I wanted to do was replace the ball joint but now I'm into the control arm whhich is finally all loose but now I messed around and the inside bolt of the two bolts holding the swaybar is stripped, stripped on of course which is fine, but it seems like I need to loosen that all to get the control arm off?
You guys are supposed to be experts.., do I torch the sway bar, or that stupid metal crap holding it on, and tear apart the other side to and then hit the junkyard or what?, and is this the end of my problems for now again?, or just a new beginning???
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woah... hold up a minute... one thing you need to do is relax. We all know you oviously want your car to be fixed yesterday, but thats excuse need to tell everyone that theyre idiots.

And as for us being experts... This is a Toyota 'Enthusiast' Club... not a Toyota 'Mechanics' Club, so just relax a little, then maybe you will have more luck. And just remember... noones perfect. Give us a break.

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i'm guessing you have an ae92 GTS....

this is what I would do..... emphasis on "I"...... if the brackets holding the swaybar on are stripped... then i would drill them out, then retap them so the bar could go back on.... i don't, however, know how those got stripped, as when we did mine we had NO problem whatsoever

you might be able to get the control arm out if you leave the swaybar in and leave the brackets there.... get the front of the car in the air, remove the tire, of course.... disconnect the lower hub from the control arm, and then remove the swaybar endlink (small about 3" bar.... you need a 14mm wrench and a 5mm allen wrench to get it out.... one has the 14mm nut and the other end has a 5mm allen key that's going to spin until you use an allen key)...... once you get the endlink off, then unbolt the 2 bolts holding the other end of the control arm on......

from memory... there are a total of 2 bolts on the hub, and 2 other bolts holding the control arm to the frame... then the swaybar endlink is attached as well

seeing that you didn't specify, i'm assuming you're talking about the front
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