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Tired of your revs hanging up?

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Get rid of that thing under your throttle! I guess it's there for lazy shifters. I'm very pleased having removed this.
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Look under your throttle you'll see it
What the heck are you talking about?
Look under your throttle you'll see it
22re BTW. I dunno bout the 6cyl
I think he means the dashpot. Its suppose the slow the closing of the throttle to prevent backfiring. I think it has something to do with emissions too.
What's a dashpot?lol
Oh it was one of those things to me where the explanation made it sound more complicated than it actually is. Its like on a door, to keep it from slamming, buildings put those things on the top to resist it and slow it down so it doesn't slam. I might take mine off, it sticks (only the first time you step on it) and makes a very annoying squeaking noise and it's a workout on my achilles. I lubed it but it didn't help for some reason.
Not the pedal, the throttle body
Not the pedal, the throttle body
any pics?
yeah, that dohicky... cept it is only on manuals, afaik
The dashpot is there for a reason; it's to keep the revs up when you shift so the shift will be smoother. It prevents the throttle from dropping instantly to idle. No other reason for it.
It works in the opposite way for me; I'm smoother without it.
have you cleaned your TB lately?
Mine likes to stick sometimes... sure is anoying.
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