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tires and cd player

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Ok guys, two seemingly different topics... And that's because they are, lol. I figured I wouldn't clutter up the board anymore than I have.

First question. I know mr2's had different size tires for the back and for the front. Trouble is, I went and looked at the size numbers on my tires and they were all identical. I will go out and look at them again to get the specific size, but I do remember looking at all four and unless I'm mistaken the PXXX/RXX numbers were all the same, or are those supposed to be? lol

As for the factory cd player. I read on one of the faqs that it's common for the factory cd player to stop working. It also said there is a way to fix it if I wanted to open up the stereo and fix it. Trouble never went on to say how or where I could find out more! Anyone else ever fix their radio??
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