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tires and cd player

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Ok guys, two seemingly different topics... And that's because they are, lol. I figured I wouldn't clutter up the board anymore than I have.

First question. I know mr2's had different size tires for the back and for the front. Trouble is, I went and looked at the size numbers on my tires and they were all identical. I will go out and look at them again to get the specific size, but I do remember looking at all four and unless I'm mistaken the PXXX/RXX numbers were all the same, or are those supposed to be? lol

As for the factory cd player. I read on one of the faqs that it's common for the factory cd player to stop working. It also said there is a way to fix it if I wanted to open up the stereo and fix it. Trouble never went on to say how or where I could find out more! Anyone else ever fix their radio??
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also listing the size of ur rims would help if they aren't factory rims....its always better to have bigger sized tires in the rear.....but some ppls opt for same sized tires all around to save on getting new rears all the time by being able to rotate the tires...
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