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tires and tint

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Okay girls and guys... new projects....

Wanting to know the best tint for my windows.... I want it dark, but live in WV so I think we have limits.... what is everyones thoughts on tinting....

Tires.... need ne ones BAD!!!! wanting a decent all weather A/T tire... black wall if able.... price range below 200.... any thoughts???


Brandon, RN

PS I have never posted pics yet... SORRY!!!! I wanna do that once I have tint and tires.... just imagine my stock 06 after a few mods... YEAH!!!
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If you are looking to match the rear windows (assuming you have the factory tinted rear glass its roughly 20% seeing as this was not good enough for me I currently have 5% over the factory tint, 13 on the front windows and a 5% strip on the windshield, it looks good but some people say its too dark. If I knew I could get away with it, i'd run 5% all around straight up.

As far as tires, im in for suggestions too, i've pretty much landed on the BFG AT KO's as they are reasonably priced and have not heard too many bad stories other than they are a little on the heavy side and aren't too rain friendly, anythings better than the rugged trails that come factory on the TRD O/R package
Formula One Pinnacle Series is awesome! I have it on my front windows and I can't say enough good things about it.

~It matches the factory rear tint exactly
~It blocks UV and Infrared rays, which in turn reduces the heat that comes through due to direct sunlight.
~When installed by an approved dealer it carries a lifetime warranty.
~It is so good I have considered having it laid over the factory tint in the rear to help cut down on heat transmission.

\/ My windows are only tinted to 50% (my state legal limit, I don't know what your state will allow). You can see them in my sig pic.

As far as tires....BFG AT's. Get your local shop to price match
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100.00 a tire I can handle.... How much does the tinting cost... what does it cost to have installed....
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