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Name of car: 1992 Toyota Paseo

Brand of tire/Name of tire: Firestone Firehawk SS20
Size of tire/Speed rating: 195-50-15 (T rated?)
Pros: Good ratings on Tirerack, the best rated in snow in this size. Great dry traction. Good now traction. A 55,000 mile rated tire. Unsure on performance, since I basically use them for daily driving.
Cons: Slightly noisy, but that might be from the weather/vibration cracking.
Buy again? YES, but I bought the replacement model, Indy 500. Even better ratings on Tirerack.

Brand of tire/Name of tire: Kumho ECSTA HP4 716
Size of tire/Speed rating: 185-60-14
Pros: Great all-season budget tire. I use a set to follow some snow tires I put on the fronts. I put a set on my g/f's 03 Civic EX. She uses them all year. Repectable winter traction. CHEAP.
Cons: Slightly noisy on certain road surfaces.
Buy again? I will keep putting these on my g/f's Civic, although they might be getting discontinued :disappoin If so, I might put the Firestone Indy 500 on there since they come is the same size, and have better ratings on Tirerack also.

Other tires used, but pry not worth mentioning...
185-60-14 Yokohama Guardex 600 snow tires
185-60-14 Dunlop Graspic snow tires
195-50-15 Akuret (unsure of model)
185-60-14 Dayton Daytona Touring

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Name of car: 93 Camry LE 4cyl
Brand of tire/Name of tire: Toyo Spectrum
Size of tire/Speed rating: 195/70/14
Pros/Cons: They are pretty good for the price. Only have them for a month. I've only driven this car with one other set of tires... so comparing vs the old good year tires... the spectrums seem to grip the ground a lot better in wet and dry than my old tires. old tires used to squeal/slip when accelerating too hard from a stop in wet. no problem now. Bad is that sidewalls seem kinda soft.. when turning at relatively high speeds you can kinda feel a squishiness and it'll be loud... driving at speeds of 120km/h felt like i was floating.. but after 120. it seems a better... (not sure why) never used in snow/ice yet
Buy again? sure. but since i haven't tried many tires i may wanan try others for comparison (ie yokohamas or kumho or different toyo model)

1998 Camry CE
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Car: 1998 Camry CE 4cyl.
Tire: Canadian Tire's Nordic Ice (Made by BF Goodrich)
Size: 195/70/14 Q-speed rated

Pros: Inexpensive, great in snow and on ice, wet, and dry roads. rubber does not soften in summer like other winter tires. I use them all year round. Bought during buy 1 get 2nd at half price sale.

Cons: seasonal availability. Sold/ marketed as a snow and ice tire, but in my opinion, it is an all season tire.

Buy Again: Yes, these are under valued, all-season tires.

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Name of car: Toyota Echo hatchback
Brand of tire/Name of tire: Hankook Z212 R-S2
Size of tire/Speed rating: 195/50/15...Z rated

- Super grippy. Hwy ramps i used to take nervously at 60km/hr, I now take at 80km/hr with confidence. I'm sure I could go faster, but i'm afraid of tipping my car before grip runs out. Too much grip on a daily driver actually.
- Super cheap.
- Pretty decent in the wet. Rained heavily the few days after I got them. I drove through some puddles and didn't feel any hydroplaning, but I also wasn't really trying to test the limits either.
- Decent sidewall stiffness. Even on stock suspension, I can feel so so many more bumps.
- Doesn't follow grooves too much, but I can't tell if it's because my car is so narrow, or if it's the tires.
- Looks good.

- Loud. Very loud.
- Low tread depth. Only 8/32 of tread when new. (Toyo T1-R has 10-11/32 of tread).
- Tire is a little heavy.
- Low UTQG 200 means I'll need a new set of tires by the end of next summer.

Buy again? Probably not for a daily driven car. I don't go to the track or autoX, so it's too much tire for me. I think it would be great for someone who does track or autoX without having to change tires too often.

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Name of car: 1992 Toyota Camry
Brand of tire/Name of tire: Goodyear/ Eagal F1
Size of tire/Speed rating: 245/35YR17
Pros/Cons: Even in race conditions, they take an extreme amount to make the tires break. That may also be due to the fact that there is 1.5" more of rubber than a standard tire. But the grip is amazing. So far I have not found a down side to them.
Buy again? 100% yes!

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Name of car: Acura RSX Type-S
Brand/Name of tire: Yokohama Parada Spec 2
Size/Speed rating: 225/40WR18
Pros: great in dry great in wet, pretty fair price; Cons: squeals during shifting to third during spirited driving
Buy Again?: If i dont buy Bridgestone S0-3's, i buy em again.

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Name of car: Toyota 1998 Sienna XLE
Brand/Name of tire: Michelin Pilot Sport A/S
Size/Speed rating: 235/50WR17
Buy Again?: Definitely
Pros/Cons: Dry handling is solid, on rainy days is great, noise is very low for a good performance tire. The center rib thread wears faster than the shoulder threads.

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Name of car: 2000 Toyota Camry LE (4-cyl)
Brand of tire/Name of tire: Falken Ziex-ZE512
Size of tire/Speed rating: 205/60R16 91H
Pros: Good grip, Cheap, nice uni-directional tread design, good ride, pretty good wear, handling.

Cons: Noise. This tire SUCKS when the pavement is rough. Smooth pavement is just OK.

Buy again? No.

From a performance standpoint, this really isn't a bad tire, but when you install it on a quiet car, and get all that noise, it's terrible. The rough pavement in Western Washington doesn't help either. I drove about 25K miles on it and still has a decent amount of tread left, but I hope it wears out sooner than later so I can get some new set of tires.

Name of car: 1992 Nissan Maxima
Brand of tire/Name of tire: Falken Ziex-ZE326
Size of tire/Speed rating: 205/65R15 94V
Pros: Good grip, good ride, pretty good wear, handling and pretty quiet.
Cons: None yet.

Buy again? Absolutely. Only Les Schwab sells them, but that's OK as there's one 2 miles from my house.

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'03 Diamante
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Type of car: 2001 Toyota Camry CE (4 cylinder automatic)
Brand/Name of tire: Kumho ECSTA 711
Size of tire: 225/40R18 (don't remember speed rating)
Pros: Cheap (I paid $77 a tire) with good wet traction, dry traction, quiet to me and EXCELLENT comfort for 18s IMO.

Cons: Directional tire so rotation is limited... but I wanted directional for wet performance

Buy again: You bet

Picture of tire tread:

Only pic I have

99 'rolla
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Spun 8 times ??
Dude, a great definition of insanity is doing the same thing 8 times and EXPECTING different results

Wraith said:
Name of car: 2000 Toyota Echo
Brand of tire/Name of tire: Falken Azenis
Size of tire/Speed rating: H
Pros/Cons: not good in the heavy rain... spun out 8 times and I was going 35mph on the freeway
Buy again? Yes as summer tires

orange brick
1980 4x4 pickup
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most everyone is posting for cars, so thought i would post for trucks, only had one type of tire though

Name of car: 1980 toyota 4x4 pickup
Brand of tire/Name of tire:Dunlop radial rover a/t
Size of tire/Speed rating: 30x9.50 for a 15 inch rim (light truck tire sizing), speed rating?
Pros/Cons: PRO-- cheap, long tread life, good off-road for a mild all terrain, quiet, good traction, HAS NEVER FAILED ME, EVEN IN THE DUNES. Cons-- it's a mild all terrain, if you see dirt a lot than you might want another tire.
Buy again? yes

2001 Camry
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Name of car: 2001 Camry XLE V6

Brand of tire/Name of tire: Michelin Energy MXV4 Plus

Size of tire/Speed rating: 205\60-16 HR

Pros: Nice soft and quiet ride...perfect for around town and highway
Alright traction in dry, below average in wet
Lasted a little under 70,000km

Cons: Horrible in light snow
Very soft sidewalls
Progressively got a bit louder as they reached the end of its tread

Buy again? Too expensive, no. THere are cheaper alternatives.

Man on a mission...
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it's been a while, so I'll update this thread with my recent purchase.

Car: '99 Toyota Camry
Tire: Bridgestone RE950 (2nd set, repeat buyer)
Size: 215/55/16

Pros: Good dry & wet traction. Retained grip & road noise insulation throughout its life. Relatively quiet based on observations of this & others' tread design.

Cons: Pricey compared to competitor offerings (BFG traction series, Kumho 712's). Reasonable, but not spectacular treadwear. Conked out at ~40K mi.

Buy Again?: Most likely. Pretty niche product, "performance" & touring with more focus on performance.

The Greek....
96 Camry
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Car: 1996 Camry
Tire: Bridgestone Potenza RE950
Size And Rating: 195/65-14 H-Rated

Pros: The best damn tire i have ever purchased for my car, excellent in dry and superior in wet, also in Slush and ice it performed outstanding (did not loose traction).

Cons: No cons thus far.

Buy Again: HELL YES! i wish they made them in 18's, and if they did id grab a set for my BBS's.

Tire: Fuzions
Size And Rating: 225/40-18 W-Rated

Pros: Good tire for the money, performs pretty good in dry and wet, i havent really TESTED them out yet, if ya know what i mean :naughty:

Cons: Will loose traction if it hits anything slick for a moment, for example a patch of ice or something like that. and i do mean the smallest little patch of ice.

Buy Again: F*&^K NO!!!!! enough said.

not actual size
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sumitomo htr200

Name of car: 2000 Camry CE 5spd
Brand of tire/Name of tire: Sumitomo HTR 200
Size of tire/Speed rating: 205/70 14 (I think V rated, but I may be way off on that)

Pros: Cheap (price) summer tire! Very grippy even at cold temperatures (24F/-4C) in the wet. Supposedly people have driven on light snow with them, but I haven't tried and don't want to risk it. Quiet. Decent summer tire on a budget and good for early spring through fall temperatures. These are a +1 tire for the camry, but very little roll with moderate cornering. Snappy acceleration and deceleration. Excellent grip -- at rough estimate my cornering speeds on low speed corners increased approx. 10-15mph. Shaved 4 seconds off my times for 40-second autox courses (compared to Yokohama Avid T4s).

Cons: a little stiff. Feels as if they're inflated to 45psi. Twitchy, so a fine hand is needed. High sidewalls make them look like truck tires. At +1, they tend to induce oversteer from slight lateral rolling.

Buy again? Definitely.

Country Hick
2001 Nissan Pulsar
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Name of car: 1995 Toyota Corolla
Brand of tire/Name of tire: Kelly Ritmo HP
Size of tire/Speed rating: 185/65R14 S-Rated
Pros/Cons: Good Dry handaling, deep tread. Tends to aquaplane easily in wet, slides HEAPS on gravel
Buy again? No.

Name of car: 2001 Pulsar (My new one)
Brand of tire/Name of tire: Bridgestone Potenza Directional (dunno model)
Size of tire/Speed rating: 195/60/R14 Z-Rated
Pros/Cons: Excellent wet/dry handaling, Quiet as a mouse on rough Tarmac. Expensive
Buy again? YES!

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Name of car: 1986 Toyota MR2
Brand of tire/Name of tire: Falken Azenis RT615
Size of tire/Speed rating: 205x50x15
Pros: insane grip! super stiff sidewall. they make NO NOISE when you break them loose.
Cons: they make NO NOISE when you break them loose. less than 3 months, and i'm ready to replace the rears. :) pretty poor wet traction, but you'd expect that with these tires.
Buy again? ABSOLUTELY!!! yes, even at $105 each!

Name of car: 1986 Toyota MR2
Brand of tire/Name of tire: Yokohama Parada Spec2
Size of tire/Speed rating:205x45x16
Pros: lots of grip! very low noise when they break traction. very nice traction AFTER 300 miles.
Cons: decent wet traction. horrid grip for the first 200-300 miles. once you heat cycle them too many times, their level of grip drops a LOT.
Buy again? for an overall tire, yeah. but, not as a track tire.

Name of car: 1986 Toyota MR2
Brand of tire/Name of tire: Yokohama AVS ES100
Size of tire/Speed rating: 205x45x16
Pros: consistant grip, no matter how much wear is on the tires, even in the rain. inexpensive.
Cons: not enough grip for canyon runs. :)
Buy again? nope!

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Name of car: 2000 Toyota Camry LE
Brand of tire/Name of tire: Toyo Tourevo LS
Size of tire/Speed rating: 205/60R16 92H
Pros: The tires grip very well wet or dry, have a smooth ride and very quiet. After about 1500 miles, I have been very happy. Also, this is the only tire I've found with Traction AA and Temp A rating in this size, almost all other H-rated tires in this size had Traction rating of just A.

Cons: Price - At $128 a pop, it's not the cheapest tire out there. Also, if you don't live in the West (WA, OR, CA), you probably can't find this tire as Les Schwab is the only place that sells them, but if you live out in the West, it's no big deal.

Buy again? So far, so good. I would consider buying them again. The last set of tires I had were Falken Ziex ZE-512 in the same size. The Falken tires did everything well EXCEPT noise. They wore about 45K miles. It wore okay, but the shoulders of the tires seemed to wear faster than the center. The road noise was very loud. Toyos in comparison are very quiet.
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