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Tires on my New 2008

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Day before yesterday I traded my 2005 Tundra for the new 2008 Tundra crew cab 4X4. I love it. The new one has Mechlen Tires, A/T. My 2005 had Bridgestones, a cheap tire I had trouble with. Are the Mechlen tires an upgrade or just an alternative to the Dunlops I see on most of the Tundras? I might have another cheap tire on my truck but I like the brand. I'm going to buy a travel trailer and upgraded to have more pulling power. I'm hoping this tire will be safe for towing and I do not need to change them out.
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The Michelin is a better tire and we have seen no problems with them- tow away
You should be fine, but double check your load rating on the tires and make sure you distribute the weight properly and you won't have any problems.
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