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Tires squealing, pls help!

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Okay. I have noticed when im turning (not from a stop) you can hear my tires squeal. This doesnt happen often. Mainly when Im trying to build up speed to get in the freeway. There is one particular on-ramp, I only do 25mph until i make it around the curve... and i still hear the squeal (like im going too fast).... It has done this since ive had the car. my alignment has been good until last week, my gf drove the car and now it slightly pulls to the right. but its not bad. and it has toyo tires on it. They need to be rotated... Any ideas?

I should note that my PS fluid is leaking from somewhere. not bad. just have to top it off once every couple weeks.....

One more thing.... is there some special something I should know about posting here? b/c Ive posted several times, and only get one response or two... is this b/c i dont have a pic on my profile or what? ? ?
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Sounds like your due for some new tires...:clap:
the squealing is the tire trying to grip to the road...and beginning to fail

As for the posts.
It doesnt matter if you have profile pics or not, it depends on what your posting.
Yup.. just need new tires.. pretty bad by the sound of it. I need new tires as well.. it's particularly bad on newer pavement.
Are you sure it is your tires that are squealing? The squeal may be from your power steering unit....loose belt and or low PS fluid. Often the PS will squeal at the end of its stroke if PS if fluid is low or PS belt is loose or wet with leaky PS fluid.

To check turn the wheels all the way to the right then all the way to the left while car is standing still. Does it squeal at the extremes... all the way right or all the way left?. If so it probably is the PS or PS belt.

It also could be that your RH or LH inner tie rod bushings at the steering gear rack are shot. If so, as you perform a moving turn, the wheels could go slightly ot of line causing the tires to squeal.

Have you checked to see if these two inner tie rod bushings are tight or not? To do so simply jack front end up so tires are off ground. Then grip the tire at 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock and pull and push tire to left then to right. Do you feel / hear any looseness? If so the tie rod bushings may be worn or the tie rid end at the steering knuckle may be loose or worn. Either case could cause tires to squeal as you go into a turn. Good luck. let us know what you find.
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