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i want to get new tires but dont know which ones to go with. i heard that falcens are horrible. who had experiences with them and which ones do yall recomend?
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will people put more details into threads please?

what size? what tyres do you have atm? what rim size?:cursin:
bigdaddymike745 said:
i want to get new tires but dont know which ones to go with. i heard that falcens are horrible. who had experiences with them and which ones do yall recomend?
Go with the Yokohama's...and some Katana Rims...
i have 225/55/17 right now but will probably want to go down a size or two to 45's
Go to and pick out the tire you want to get. It will have a breakdown of how the tire did in a particular test (rain, dry, tread wear, etc.) and have consumer reviews of people who bought that tire. That should help somewhat...

Good luck on your tire search.
I've been riding on Fuzion HRi's for about 5000 miles now, and I couldn't be happier. The tread is awesome, and I get really good traction in dry and wet conditions.
I ride on 18" Pirelli P Zero Nero Multi Season, I like them. They are ultra high performance all season tires so they are Kind of exspensive! Here is a link to the tires specs

Good over all tire
I give a vote for BF Goodwrench.

I've read many good reviews of them (some on and in performance magazines) Thats what I'm going to get when I do my wheels (after winter). Either they are really good or it's a conspiracy. I'll let you make your own minds up on that one.
Toyo Proxes are always a good contender
I have used Falken, Continetals, Sumitomo, and Nexums in 215/45/17 and 225/40/18. I never had any problems with tese brands.
Bridgestone Ponenza G009 have great reviews and are the tires that i am slowly purchasing for my car
Trnd Chemeleon said:
I give a vote for BF Goodwrench.
I think you mean BF Goodrich. Goodwrench is something to do with GM.
I have Wynstar Ultra High Performance (W rated) Tires in 225/45/ZR17 W90 and love them. My next tire set is going to be Nitto NT Neogen's from here:

Yeah, Goodrich

Falkens aren't bad tires. I have both the ZE-326 and the ZE-512 versions.

The ZE-326s are discontinued under the Falken name, but Falken still makes them and sells the under the Zexius (known as the Xi326) name throught Les Schwab Tire Centers here in the Northwest. It grips well, quiet and smooth riding. Perhaps one of the best tires I've had to date.

The ZE-512s are sold at various places (Discount Tires, Sears, etc..) and it's also a pretty good tire I've found. It also grips well (perhaps marginally better), rides smooth and all around a good tire, but the ZE326s were a little quieter.

These are both all-season tires.

Falken also makes ultra-performance tires. I've heard good things about those also.

I've bought Michelins, BF Goodrich, Bridgestone as well. I've had good luck with most of my purchases. The key is to do some research.

Different tires from the same brand will handle/wear/perform very differently. is a good place to start.
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