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Tko Twin Exhaust

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Tko Twin Exhaust

HI, i am an mr2 turbo owner from England... i am looking to have a ko racing tko exhaust shipped to me from the usa.. has anyone got one of these..??? are they any good ++ does anyone have any photos of one on a car,except the pictures from the madpsi site?

cheers guys.

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aren't there any pics on KO racing's site..there should be some of ken blakes car.....
yeah there are some shots but they arent the greatest.. + i could do with some feedback on the exhaust itself..

i run a blitz nur spec at the moment and i'm looking to go back to twin exits.... for the sake of my hearing

good idea.....nur spec is crazy exhaust is fairly quiet for 3" piping....a nice low rumble under normal driving conditions...a lil louder when i'm at wastegate drowns out everything though when it dumps.....
your drager is cool... shame they are discontinued now or i would have been seriously tempted .. same with the greddy p.e. ..
You can still get the Greddy PE...

There is a possible group buy on MR2OC..... here is the link

If you don't have a username make one :).
Here's my car with the 7" TKO exhaust.
Ummmm wheres my pic?
dammit whats the setting for photoshop, I cant get it small enough!
if you could get a photo up it would be cool... whats the sound of the exhaust like??

The exhaust sounds just like in the website. Otherwise I can email u the pic instead.
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