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hey everyone i just started working on my vehicle im trying to make it look nice and put some more power to it. If anyone can give me any hints or if anyone has anything to sell for this vehicle. please let me know [email protected]. 2009 camry 2.4

Start with wheels and a drop. BBS rims are fond of around here, and a drop will clean it up nicely.

Debadging the car makes it cleaner, too, and costs relatively nothing.

Depending on the color of your vehicle, you could also black out the toyota emblems, or paint them a complimenting color, i.e. red emblems on a white car.

HID lights improve the look of your car while giving you better view at night, but I do suggest you search around and learn of your car's squirrel spotters and how to cover them up.

Assuming your car is not an SE, you could swap out the grill to an SE grill, or a mesh one at the least. Makes the car look a bit more aggressive. As do eyelids, which make the headlights look a bit more at an angle.

Fog lights can be bought as a kit on ebay for around 50 bucks.


Exhaust systems, whether axle back or cat back, can free up your engine's horsepowers by a few, but I see exhaust systems on my car as more of a sound factor, because by the time the gains get to the wheels, it's not so noticeable. Systems to look at are the vibrant stealth muffler, and if you're on the cheap, magnaflows, which make your car sound somewhat deep, I guess.

Intakes will give you a great sound factor, but you won't get crazy gains on these, either. There are two types, short ram and cold air. Also, there are drop in filters that allow more air through than a paper filter.

Short ram intakes take in vast amounts of air, but it's pretty warm air considering it's right from the engine bay. Sound is decent!

Cold air intakes will give you relatively more gain than a SRI, but you run the risk of hydrolocking, because of how it gets cold air from low from to the ground. Deep puddles will kill your 2.4. Sound is also nice.

Panel filters, or drop ins, are the cheapest of the three. K&N claims 2-3 mpg gains. The sound of your engine will be no different. It's not worth it if you're just after the gains, but it is if you don't want to change out your filter every 15k miles, or so.

A word about intakes: be aware that some intakes come over oiled from the factory, while some are over oiled during cleaning. This oil makes its way to our MAF sensors, and in my case, threw a check engine light. I returned my short ram intake from K&N and replaced my stock air intake, and then proceeded to clean off my MAF sensor. There are several threads around that show the pro's and con's of using the stock intake. The stock intake is somewhat already a cold air intake, as it takes air right from the grill, and this cold air can outweigh the short ram intake's larger amount of air sucked into the engine, because that air is very warm from the engine bay. Paper filters also filter out dirt better than do oiled filters. You'd think people designing these cars know what they're doing with our intakes. ;)

Other performance mods may include things that need custom work on the internals of your engine, and that may not be what you're after.

For handling, anti roll bars from Ultra Racing will stiffen up your ride and give you better steering. Look around on their site, they offer many suspension upgrades. The wheels and tires that you may get for the appearance factor also give better grip.

For better take off and cornering, you could always up the psi in your stock tires. I run 40 psi.

Then, hey, if all else fails, strap some nos bottles to it and take it to the track. :chug:

Possibilities are vast, my friend.
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