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Hello, all, I have to make a guess repair and would like some opinions. I have 97 Camry 4 CYL. problem going on for 4 months Once every 2 weeks I will go to start the car when warm and upon startup the idle will drop real low ALMOST to stall. then after 5 or 6 seconds pop up to normal. used to only do this when warm and only at warm startup. Last 2 times though it DID stall had to feed it gas crank twice then it was OK. Now for first time it did this when cold. Dealer said it is probably IAC Valve but will not do anything because they cannot duplicate symptom because it can run perfect for weeks. I am willing to take a chance anf replace the IAC If everyone thinks that is my best FIRST shot atempt.
Please give opinion. Do not want to attempt to clean valve just want to replace it and forget it.
Thanks, B
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