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Ok here's the deal. I've decided to have my exhaust work done at a shop instead of doing it myself because of my low level of experience.
For my 87 camry I'm going to get the pacesetter headers made for the celica. I still don't know what kind of high performance cat to get, what muffler to get, or what size piping would be optimal.

What I want are recommendations for the three things I don't know(Perferrably including your experience with what you suggest and price) and I know that some modifications need to be done to the headers to fit the O2 sensor and to get the bolts to line up, what do I need to tell the guys at the shop?

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those pacesetter headers are not a perfect fit. but I'm sure since you're going to a shop to get them put in, they will have fun with that problem. if they're smart they'll figure it out... if not, they'll say "them things don't fit in yer car!" with a stupid look on their faces. as far as the cat, get a metallic core high flow cat, not ceramic. brand doesn't really matter here. I used the stock piping up to the muffler on mine. I have an HKS high power muffler. I like how it sounds.

Since you're taking your car to a shop to have the work done on it, just tell them what you want, and be specific.
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