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todays wheeling trip

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took my brother in-law and his two sons (4 and 3) out wheeling today trying to find nutty putty cave and the little moab area. Well, we found the most of the roads the led to the cave but because of snow cover we weren't able to find the other road that led to it. So we just tooled around a bit on tracks made my previous people and a video or two.
This was my bro-in-law and his son's first time doing this and they had a blast and want to go again. Took some photo's and made a vidoe or two (nothing special).

Videos nothing special (first one is me and the other is my bro-in-law):

Any one know what this is. We noticed it on the way back (it's by Genola Utah). Looks like a neat place to explore:

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Looks like the place Rambo blew up in the movie
area 51.... oooooooo
cool. actually using an suv for off road activities.

btw the videos are like 1 sec long. haha
Yeah, I need to get a 4x4 truck again. I've been doing more stupid things with my camry lately...Driving up snow covered hills, driving (or trying) through/over snow banks, and I even "crawled" the front driver side tire onto a cinder block wall (only 1 high).

Glad to see you have fun! Getting out there and actaully using your 4x4 offroad is a great time.
I just uploaded the videos in youtube so I hope these links work:
^^Second you on that.
moab is a great area for 4-wheeling. i lived there for a summer and use to go out a bunch in my buddys jeep.
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