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toe adjustment

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I need some info on how to adjust the toe on my camry. Is it possible for a spare time mechanic to do or is more something that an alignment shop has to do?
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You want to find a shop that has a computer analyzed 3D alignment rack. Hunter and Jim Beam are good alignment racks.
To adjust front toe you loosen the lock nut on the tie rods and then turn the tie rod itself until the proper toe setting is reached, per the alignment rack screen turning green. Then tighten the lock nut. In the back its pretty similar. Toe is one of the easiest things to adjust and the only adjustment that can be made to the stock camry suspension being that it has a macpherson strut suspension and front wheel drive. The exception being camber though you need a kit for that and caster if you have pillow ball mounts.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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