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he posted his cobra radar detector for sale for 70 dollars and its been a month and i still havent recieved it yet! he jacked me for 70 bux and im pissed! i want my money back. :mad:
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He is from Puerto Rico isn't he? Maybe he just chose the slowest method of shipping?

it would be nice if he came in here to chime in his side of the story...
he told me that his mom wrote in the wrong address on the package, so he got it back. then he said that after i sent my address again to him he would send it to me. he hasnt responded to any of my emails and any of my pm's.
I saw him on the boards earlier too..
And last i remember he was from NY....
is there anything i can do to get my money back? 70 bux is alot... for me at least
CamNub said:
I saw him on the boards earlier too..
And last i remember he was from NY....
No, he's from Puerto Rico:rolleyes: He's not from NY.

Dude, I'm sure it's on it's way.
im pretty sure its not... cus he hasent responded to any pms or emails.
I did respond to your e-mail earlier today, and just now I realized that I had Private Messages from you that I had not read. I believe it's pretty hard for me to reply to a message I haven't read.

Your package was first shipped on Friday July 23rd, 2004. I left for the Dominican Republic on Saturday 24th, 2004 thinking the package had been sent correctly. On August 2ndt, 2004 I got back to Puerto Rico to find out that the package was shipped to the wrong address so it was returned. It was then when I sent you a message that read as follows:


I'm extremely sorry, I shipped the package out last week and when I got back home today from the Dominican Republic I found that my mom wrote the address incorrectly in the package and it was returned to me. Could you give me your address again just in case to make sure I have it written correctly now? Thanks, I will ship it as soon as I get a reply from you.

Thanks and sorry for the delay.


Javier Gil
You replied on August 3rd, 2004 with your address and the package was sent on August 5th, 2004 because the Postal Office does not open on Sundays. It has now been ten working days from the date that I shipped the item and to my knowledge you had already received the item.

I've been extremely busy with my brother leaving to the United States earlier this month and me starting College a few weeks ago, so I don't even have time to come post in ToyotaNation anymore. In fact, I haven't even taken my car to the mechanic to get it fixed so it's still in front of my house. I found out about this thread just now that I saw I had a private message from Terry (Rapeacivic) pointing to this link (thanks a lot) and then I realized I had new private messages from you.

Anyways, I'm going to the Post Office tomorrow after class (about 9am) to find out what is up with the package. And I promise you that even if I have to buy a brand new Cobra Radar Detector to send you, you will receive your item as promised.


Javier Gil
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cool beans :D sorry for all this nonsense... my rents were riding my ass about wasting money an shit :disappoin
puerto rico ooooooooooooooo
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