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@Greasymechtech By no means i am clueless or anything like that, u can see my post history on here LOL ya but i have never own newer cars 2014 is my first newer car i am 2000s car person, reason i posted this because i want to know from you u guys if any of the recommended services are necessary considering none of my car ever had ABS brakes as well lol

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1) Buy tires from an online service like and have them shipped to a local installer like Goodyear. Recommend Michelin Energy Saver AS for a Lexus smooth and quiet ride in the original tire size your LE came in, probably 215/65R/16 or 205/65R/16

2) Do the brake fluid exchange to avoid future caliper, abs system and master cylinder problems.

3) Have them do a coolant exchange too using Toyota Pink antifreeze if you want to extend the life of your water pump and eliminate system corrosion. Of course if you're a do-it-yourselfer you can drain the radiator, measure the amount drained and return an eqivalent amount of new Toyota pink.

4) You don't need "fuel injection service" but instead ask for the throttle plate to be manually scrubbed clean of carbon soot. Very important for optimal engine power, fuel economy and long catalytic converter life. Should involve only 1/2 hour of labor + 1 can of throttle body cleaner.

5) Get a new Group 24F Everstart battery from Walmart for $115 and install it yourself. These last 5 years and are fully warranteed for 3 years

6) Drain and refill the 2.1 quarts of WS transmission fluid in the transmission oil pan to avoid transmission problems after the 100,000 mile mark. Or, ask the dealer about the free torque converter replacement recall as the recall procedure involves changing the fluid.
I agree with most of this.
Just replaced my 2012 battery with Walmart premium battery because I had to jump start it like you did. Time for it to go.

Add the Tekron mentioned above to clean the injectors. Would be good idea to clean the throttle plates as mentioned. Do not spray carb cleaner into the throttle body. Instead spray on a cloth and use the cloth to wipe the throttle plate and bore. Carb fluid in the wrong place can ruin the expensive throttle body.

Brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air and causes rust which at a later date can cause your ABS system and calipers to fail. ABS is big $. Change it.

I would not change the transmission fluid myself while you are under the extended warranty but definitely have it done. If your converter fails later they can easily say it was done wrong and void your warranty. Suggest this is done by a dealer for the same reason.

For tires try BJ's. The tires are very reasonably priced and they offer lifetime balancing, mounting, rotation and road hazard warranty all for $15 a tire. Will come close to $50 per tire for the same from most tire stores. Costco may offer the same. Both stores carry Michelin. BJ's runs a special the week of Thanksgiving and waives the $15 charge per tire. They label it as the Black Friday special but in the past allowed customers to order any time during the week then make an appointment for mounting. They do not do alignments.
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