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Hi, I'm new here, but look forward to becoming a contributing member.

I recently purchased my first toy and will be frequenting regularly.

I've been a pick up owner for a long time and have never had a topper. I live in Montana so we have severe temperature changes from season to season.

We have winter weathers between -10 to 30 on any given day (or hour).

We have summer weathers between 65 to 100'ish on any given day (mostly late July and August)

We have everything inbetween during the fall and springs as well.

I'm being 'talked into' getting a topper, but I'm still not sure.

I will be getting pictures of my new '04 DC Lmtd posted soon.

I'm wondering if anyone has pictures of their Tundra with a topper on? Any suggestions from those with toppers?

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