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The Return of the Red Coupe
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I got this on an email, not sure how true these intersections are but they're supposed to be the intersections where RLC's are installed.

Hi all,

Just a quick heads up that the new Red Light Camera's are up and running. Below are the intersections that have them installed. For all of us at Teknion be aware that there are a few around our area. Main one at Dufferin and Steeles just up the road.

Take a look below for any intersections that may be on your path to or from work and take it easy. If it takes a picture of you in violation you could get a $190.00 fine in the mail.

Finch Ave & Kipling Ave
Dixon Rd & Islington Ave
Dixon Rd & Martin Grove Rd
Eglinton Ave & Martin Grove Rd
The Queensway & Royal York Rd
Finch Ave & Weston Rd
Finch Ave & Jane St
Dufferin St & Steeles Ave
Allen Rd & Sheppard Ave
Bathurst St & Finch Ave
Weston Rd & Lawrence Ave
Dundas St & Keele St
Dufferin St & Eglinton Ave
Dufferin St & St Clair Ave
Yonge St & Eglinton Ave
Yonge St & York Mills Rd
Dufferin St & Bloor St
Bloor St & Bathurst St
University Ave & Gerrard St
Yonge St & Steeles Ave
Yonge St & Finch Ave
Finch Ave & Don Mills Rd
Eglinton Ave & Don Mills Rd
Yonge St & Wellesley St
Lakeshore Blvd E/B & Yonge St
Yonge St & Richmond St
Danforth Ave & Broadview Ave
St Clair & Victoria Park Ave
Lawrence Ave & Victoria Park Ave
Eglinton Ave & Pharmacy Ave
Eglinton Ave & Markham Rd
Lawrence Ave & Warden Ave
Ellesmere Rd & Brimley Rd
Ellesmere Rd & Markham Rd
Lawrence Ave & Markham Rd
Steeles Ave & Warden Ave
Brimley Rd & Huntingwood Dr
Kingston Rd & Morningside Ave

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The Return of the Red Coupe
2010 RAV4 V6
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hahaha... I guess if you screw up on your test.. you will also get a $190 fine for it. :disappoin

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what if you don't run the light, but roll past the fat white line after the light has changed? do you still get photographed and ticketed?

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if u pass the white line on a red light i think its technically runnin a red light , y wouldnt they give u a ticket they gotta make their quota
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