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Goes Against The Grain
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The location is in Mississauga - Krispy Kreme, which is Mavis and Britannia.

- Head west on 401
- Exit Mavis
- Head south
- Pass Britannia
- You'll see Krispy Kreme on your right hand side

The meet officially starts at 8pm, but people usually don't show up until about 8:30-9 or so..

TN Pussy Man
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hmm, i might go ....depends who's gonna be there....

is king in sauga, or back in NYC?

yah...sorry man...I'll be back on thursay though, for easter/my bday/nyc board of ed spring break though

if the meet was next week I coulda made it

check your pm :thumbsup:
1 - 20 of 66 Posts
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