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Total newb to toyota and have questions

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Well hello guys. This is my first post in this forum and I hope you guys be nice because I'm a total noob when it comes to Toyota. Well I have a problem with a 91 Toyota Celica St. I'm having trouble starting the car for some reason. It happened a couple of weeks ago and now its just so hard to start it. Well I know it probably has nothing to do with the starter/ignition wiring/ or anything electrical because when that rare occasion where it starts it starts fine other than it chokes sometimes due to faulty fuel pump and clogged fuel injectors. Well the problem is I put the key in the ignition and I try to turn it but won't turn it's kinda stuck sorta in a way when the ignition locks when u turn the wheel too hard in one direction without the key in and then it locks. Sort of like that but I know it's not that because the steering wheel can move freely but I still can't turn the darn thing to the right to start it. It kinda just stays there stiff and I don't wanna force it because the key might break. So what do you guys think the problem is? Any information will help as long as it's related to the topic. Can't even take it to a shop because I can't drive it. Well thanks in advance. I'm kinda of a Honda guy and this is my gf's car but I believe the motor on this one is a 1.6L? correct me if im wrong...I doubt its a 2.2 I just wanted to know. Thanks in advance. I know it might seem liike a dumb questions but I really need to get the car running again. THanks.
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with the ST it can be anything..... try pulling apart the ignition and taking a look for yourself.
First problem, its an ST.:lol: Im just playing, but your problem could lie in the mechanism in the ignition, it could be seized, or just be stuck. Is it the original key, or a copy? I had a problem with mine before when I was using a copy. If it is the original, it could be bent or warped. Good luck
LMFAO! I know it's an ST hahahaha but then again it's not my car and my gf don't really give a crap about the motor or how its in the bottom of the food chain. Hahha she doesn't even know its a ST haha she thinks it's a GT. I do all my work on my Integra and I joined this forum to learn more about her car and toyotas in general. So far browsing the forums has been insightful. If something do goes wrong with her car in the future...hopefully I can fix it so she doesnt have to fork out cash.
Yeah its a 1.6, 4AFE is the engine code. Best bet would be to go to the dealer and have a new key made.
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