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Here is what you are facing, from experience.
I rebuilt an Altima and sold it to my son in law. He got rear ended by a F150 and it was a goner this time for sure.
In Virginia there is a law that allows you to sue for diminished value when you car is hit and repaired and you are not at fault. if the insurance company tries to low ball you on the repair, ask them to provide documentation of their paying for diminished value on any claims made against them.
That statement is basically check mate since they fight tooth and nail to NOT pay diminished value claims. They do NOT want to get into the FACT that all rebuilds are not worth as much as cars that have never been hit hard enough to have a claim.
They settled for twice what I sold him that car for and he was tickled to death to get that much.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts