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Towing Questions !!!!! HELP!!!!!!

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Hi everyone, i am going to buy 2013 highlander, i like to know if highlander can do tow dolly of toyota yaris hatchback(2330LB) will car handle 700 mile drive like this? is tranny strong enough? and also does highlander come factory installed tow hitch?
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I have a 2013 Toyota Highlander V6 4WD base model and the towing package was "standard" on the base and several other trim models for that year. The Highlander does not come with a towing receiver hitch. You need to buy the Toyota OEM receiver hitch or an aftermarket from a place like

Here is a link to the 2013 Toyota Highlander Color brochure that shows all the specifications. Look at page 21.

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Look for the radiator intake just to the left of the driver side fog. If its there, you have the tow prep package. You have to have it for the 5k rating, otherwise its 3.5klb. There is a stickys with pictures on how to identify if it has the package or not. And yes you can tow the yaris on a dolly, assuming the dolly doesn't weight a ton. Honestly, I'd rather rent the car hauler from uhaul and use that instead of a dolly as it'll have surge brakes, and the tandem axles will pull MUCH better. Just slow it down and keep it around 65mph.
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