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toy tec lift and new control arm

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purchased toy tec lift for the front of my t and went to install it at work yesterday and i had to replace the drivers upper control arm so figured it would be good time to kill two birds with one stone.... so sprayed bp blaster on all bolts and stuff and let sit for couple hours and sprayed ever 30-40 mins and kept working on customers superduty so i go to take the tbar adjuster out to remove control arm, so halfway out and the bolt goes snap! so called toyota which is next dealership over and they wont be able to get parts for a week and its 1:30 on a sat. and my shop closes at 5 and its my ride home so what to do.. ah good old trusty ford parts! in comes a 6.0 powerstroke head bolt and a f150 lug nut form the bottom of the toolbox : ) so installed new adjuster and new control arm and the toytec lift on just the drivers side and drove home have to do right side sometime next week oh well..
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