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Toyota 4Runner V6 Oil Change Guide

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I just helped a friend change the oil in his 2003 Toyota 4Runner SUV equipped with the 1GR-FE 4.0L V6 engine (pictured below).

We took pictures of the process and I created a quick guide.

Here's the page - Toyota 4Runner Engine Oil Change Guide

I know most of you can do this in your sleep, but hopefully it will help some of the new owners.

Paul Michaels
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
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Hey Paul

Thanks for the write up. Great tips for new owners.

My two cents worth... I personally don't jack up the 4runner when changing the oil for two main reasons: The car would be level so this will allow for proper drainage. Secondly, it adds more work/time to the oil change. There's enough room to crawl underneath for most folks. Any way, just my two cents worth.

But I think it's a great write up either than that.

I have the same V6 engine in my 2005 4runner (210,000 miles) - which I've owned since new!
I do all the oil changes in driveway myself - between 4000 and 5000 miles. Oil is cheap.

I have a good floor jack from Amazon I use now, but I've done many oil changes without the jack.
10,000-mile oil changes is too (long) much IMO.

I'm mostly short trips with stop and goes.
No highway miles.

When your oil turns black, you've gone too much/long.

Dealer wants $100 for oil change and you have to leave the runner a day in advance and have an appointment.
Do not go to dealership for oil change! - Toyota 4Runner Forum - Largest 4Runner Forum (

An oil change takes 5 minutes in a driveway with 14mm socket and drive. Toyota 4Runner Oil Drain Plug - Best Oil Drain Plug Parts for Toyota 4Runner - from $2.99+ |

I always reuse the DP (and washer) and watch for drips in the garage and forgetaboutit.
I have 5 or 10 drain plug gaskets but the old one can be reused. Just keep an eye open for any drips.
Don't overtighten DP. Just snug.
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