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As pathetic as it may seem, I took my 80series landcrusier into a service centre because it has a high idle speed of about 1800rpm, and i have to wait about 3minutes for it to drop back to a reasonable 800rpm.

Well i took the vechile to a service centre, with the fault, only to be charged $275 for changing the oil filtrer and oil but no fix for the idle speed! only to be told that they had to check with toyota over a in field fix for this problem.

Considering the amount of these 80series on the road one would think mechanics should know about them, and even more so a authorized toyota service centre.

so now i am -275 and still have a idle problem, and no im not going back to that service centre , to keep a story short i was not happy about other things trhey did.

Anyway in the past i have usually allways fixed my cars myself even though i am happy to pay somebody to do so rather, if they can fix the dam thing.

so anyway again, does anybody know of a infield fix for a high idle problem, the service centre seemed to think it had something to do with the throttle sensor...............any ideas anyone?
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