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my name is jan-åke
i have bought a avensis that didnt run.
7afe 1.8
what i have done is

crankshaft sensor changed, was broken acording to previus ovner.
this made the car start and run, idle really god.

but it wont rev and the ignition is retarded 30-50 degree wheen above
1100 rpm. but only at cyl 1 and 4 ( it have 2 coils )

changed coils, wire and pluggs.

changed map sensor

changed camshaft sensor

changed the Ecu today hadd to do the 4-13 jumper trick but no change

checked cam timming its okey

i am out of ideas, havent check the codes but will do this weekend.

hope that any smart dude can give me some ideas ?????

i live in Norway and sorry for my bad english

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