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I am missing a few hoses on my car and I'm pretty sure they are screwing up my gas mileage and performance. My car has been driving fine since the swap.... but I would like to have this stuff fixed.

I just ordered...

17344-88380 - Small hose on the BOV/BPV
17362-74011 - Hose from PCV to Intake Piping

I would like to have these by Saturday, and my order goes through tomorrow morning from Toyota. And I need these parts, and it will be way quicker if I can just give them the part numbers.

- The metal piece between "Hose from PCV to Intake Piping"
- BPV to Intake Piping Hose (is it a hose or a pipe???) I think it's 16282-88380, can someone confirm this.
- The rubber piece between the BPV hose/pipe and the BPV

If anyone can help me by tonight.... it will be greatly appreciated. THANKS!!!

Also.... is it a hose or a pipe between the bpv and the intake piping??
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