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Hi Guys,

I have a 96 Toyota Camry 2.2L

I recently replaced the radiator because there's a crack on top of it and water spilled out all over. I noticed that the radiator fans does not work at all, but when I turned on the AC, the fans kicked in, so, the fan motors were good. So, there's only two possibilities left, it's either the radiator switch or the relay.

I tested that by buying a radiator switch ( sensor like) and put it in with the new radiator, connected everything correct, but the fan will not turn when the water inside got hot. However, when I disconnect the the radiator switch that lead to the relay box, both of the fans will turn on, but reconnecting will stop the fans from working again.

So, I'm thinking it could be the relay that created the problem. But how would I know which relay is bad? It's too expensive for each relay, that's why I don't want to buy all of them. I also noticed that there are three different relays for three different fans. Which one should I be looking at? OR is there a way I can test to see if a realy is bad??? If I buy from an autoparts, I have to order, and those special order will cost me a re-instocking fee.

If you know how I should correct the problem, please let me know, I would be very appreciate.

Thanks in advanced

Phuong Le
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