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Toyota Camry Rims 16 in

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$400 for all four rims. Will not seperate. All are in great condition. Tires are not included.

  • Free pickup or delivery in Northeast Ohio
  • Will ship if you work out the arrangements

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And what car are these for?
They're from gen 6 XLE and Hybrid camrys. Standard 5x114.3 with a low 40s offset, iirc.
400 for all, sorry I forgot to include! Just a minor detail. :)
What do you mean by "Will ship if you work out the arrangements?"

Such as, can I email you a shipping label from my account or two and then you box them and take them to a shipping facility? Do you have shipping weights?
Shipping weight would be about 24 lbs for each rim. I would be willing to box them up and take them to wherever you want for shipping.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts