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so i want to turbo my little Celica and I'm aiming for around 300hp but i know noting required for this motor so basically what the hell do i need

the motors getting a full rebuild so i might as well send it right? and waste some money on it even though i can just do an engine swap but i don't want to go and look for a different motor and modify mounts and wiring for it to work.

I'm thinking at least forged pistons but i feel like id need more that that for this motor and ill probably need some bigger injectors and some work done to the valves bigger springs and what not but i don't know what size i should go for

Also what turbo kits should i use i might go ching wang spooly boi unless advised otherwise but for now and I'm getting a haltec but i don't know what one to use and if their is a plug and play harness that can be used as i couldnt find one

will i need a diffrent clutch i dont know what the stock one can handle aswell as what can the gearbox and shafts handle?

and help will be much appreciated as im basically a lost puppy at this point 😂
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