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Toyota Corolla CE 2000 Interior Door handle broken!!!!

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Hi folks,
Mine is corolla 2000 CE model. I broke my left side (Driver side) interior door handle. It's broken completely. I'm looking for a replacement interior door handle. Where can I get it, online or B&M? Can I get the original(toyota spares) ones from somewhere? I'm planning to do it myself. How hard is to do that?

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Thank you guys. Will do it myself.
The after market ones I bought, inside door handles and out were much cheaper thinner material. If your wife or kids are hard on them ( Like mine or you live in a cold climate( the cheap ones get brittle in the cold) buy the OEM toyota ones.
You mean to say get it at a Toyota service center parts store. I will try that as well.
Thanks to everyone. I got the spare from Toyota dealership (about $35) and replaced it without opening the door panel. It took a while say 15-20 minutes to finish the job. The interior door handle can be replaced without opening the door panel and it's relatively easy to do. FYI, mine is manual locks.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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