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I liked this... Can't blow up the pics... bummer...

Some kind of a Corolla advertisement history page in Japan..

Below are some images... Just to give u an idea of how STRIPED we get our Corollas in USA and how nice they look in the rest of the world.

It stays updated with the latest info too..

5th generation

6th generation

8th generation

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well the entire thing is that toyota in Japan is quite a big thing. They have so many different models for sedans, it makes the toyota in america small.

And yes, Both the Camry and Corolla in the USA is striped down a fair amount compare to the Japanese counterparts, I've seen a Gen4 Camry in Japan and it had a little more things to it VS the America import/build one. The biggest difference with the Japan and USA models are that the models in Japan (for cars overall) has a lot more OEM body kits for it.

EDIT: For Camry people, here's the link.




Gosh, if there's one thing I liked about the JDM model, it would definally be the front bumper. The tail lights would be interesting also too.
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