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Toyota extended warranty

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Do any of you have the Vehicle Service Agreement (VSA) from Toyota Financial Services? Toyota's website is not very helpful, so I am wondering if this is the typical extended factory warranty offered by the manufacturer. If so, are you satisfied with it? Where did you purchase it...I know some dealers offer good discounts. I have the GMPP from GM on my Corvette and have been pleased with it. Thanks for any feedback.
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Toyota Extended Warranty

The VSA is the factory backed Toyota extended warranty. I think they are pretty good, but they do not cover absolutely everything. I have purchased two of these; The first I never had a claim on, but I was able to transfer it to another owner (that's got to be good for a little bit of resale value anyway). The second one I puchased for my wife's 2002 Highlander (purchased used in 2004). We had to have the climate controller (on the dash) and the receiver dryer replaced and the warranty covered it -- would have been more than $1,000.

Try to find out the dealer cost and offer a reasonable markup. Typically, the suggested price the dealer asks is 2X their cost. In my opinion, purchasing the factory extended warranty is a better way to go than purchasing a Certified Pre-owned unit. Dealers make a lot of extra profit on "certified" cars.
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