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Not sure how many of you read Truck Trend, but I was browsing through "truck trend garage" in TT and noticed that someone had a complaint about a clunk in their rearend in their V8 4Runner. I'm not entirely sure, but isn't the rear driveshaft of the 4Runner the same as the Tacoma? If so, here's what the fix is:

Truck Trend said:
We'd hope Toyota would've come out with something by now, but we couldn't find anything either. Lexus TSB# DL001-04 refers to a driveline clunk when coming to a stop with a new propeller shaft )part# 37110-6A480) used as a fix. This pertains to 2003 and 2004 Lexus GX470s built prior to a certian production point. While it sounds like the same condition on the same platform and drivetrain, there's nothing published that applies the repair to the 4Runner...We spoke with the folks at Toyota when the problems first came about, and day there haven't been enough complaints to warrant a TSB. Your best bet is to speak with a Toyota zone service manager who handles the dealership where you bought your vehicle. Be nice, have a friendly approach, and explain the situation. See if he can perform the Lexus TSB on your Toyota in an attempt to correct the problem. Perhaps you can work something out.
Like I said, not sure if it is the same shaft, but worth posting.
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