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After several months of planning board meetings, lawyers and engineers my shop is finally opening. Located in Butler, NJ. Toyota and Lexus is my specialty..I worked for Toyota as a Master Tech for 22 years. Hybrid Certified-ASE Certified Master and most importantly--honest.
From oil changes to engine rebuilds-timing belts-brakes-hard core troubleshooting-air conditioning-steering-suspension-trans repair...etc.

You name it I do it...

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Congrats on your new shop, Lexushead.

My daily commute to work is via I-287, so knowing that a fellow TN Member has a shop near my path of travel is really good to know; especially in emergency cases.

My best wishes to you and the shop.
If time permits, I'll be sure to stop by and say Hello.

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Congratulations. Lexushead. Honesty can be rare, and so can the wealth of Yota-specific knowledge you have. I just wish your shop was closer...
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