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Toyota magazine?

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I'v been searching for a toyota magazine but i cant find any. i see honda, vw's, mustangs, vetts, but no toyota? do any of you guys have a subscription to a toyota mag. or know of one? thanks.
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I was recently visiting my brother in Switzerland were he bought a RAV4 and he receives this magazine named Toyota Information (ti).
It's published by Toyota Switzerland and it has diverse information like 1st and 2nd Gen Celica rallying, Yaris Cup champioship etc. It's not very thick but it's better than nothing :)
I have not seen a (TOYOTA) mag b4 however there is a (LEXUS) one out. When you buy a Lexus you get the suscription free for one year I beleive.
if you mean tuner magazines there's no such thing.

aside from the current Celica and the 90s supra and mr2, toyota hasn't really had tuner worthy cars with a cult following (ie. Civic, Accords, and VW Jettas and Bugs).

Basically, TN is the closest you're gonna come to that.
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