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Toyota Mocking "Pimp My Ride"

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Toyota has launched its new advertising campain for the new Corolla XRS (Verso) this month, and in an attempt to draw in the younger buyers has taken on and completely mocked MTV's "Pimp My Ride" down to even modding the car.

The orginal commerical is 1mins 30 secs, and it features a group of ppl taking a regular Corolla and transforming it into the Corolla XRS and then having a female driver come and talk about how it is so differentn and cool and how she even has a CD player, then she proceeds to speed out of the shop thanking the guys for fixing up her Rolla.

The shorter edited version will air later this month.
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I saw that commercial last night for the xrs.... that was excellent ;)
Saw it last night. Go Toyota! haha
shit is hilarious, i wish they had a fake xzibit..
Saw it yesterday also!! It's got Hector from F&F1 in it.... soo funny! :lol:
i thought it was funny as hell i'm watching it right now:lol: is it just me or did she jump the curb?:confused:
it is pretty funny but you know it will sell cars
Was a good ad...Yeah, it had hector from F&F.....could not stop laughing!
um.... is it online yet? does anyone have a link?
Funny commercial -- saw it yesterday.
Haha I caught the middle of it, I thought it was a commercial for Pimp my ride! I was thinking that that chick got ripped off....

Funny, she ripped outta the garage so fast, she musta scrapped something.

Great commercial!
Some one post a D/L Link for it please... we won't get it here.

ya just saw it the other day, cept the car that went in was some old rusted out POS car.
Fresco Bob said:
ya just saw it the other day, cept the car that went in was some old rusted out POS car.
That is the piont of the mocking of the show pimp my ride.
"Oh my gosh it doesn't even LOOK like my car!!" :lol: duh...
I saw it late last night thinking to myself "since when is Pimp my ride on this channell?", then, duh, it's a commercial. Niiiiiice rolla though, wish I had one.
i haven't seen the commercial yet...i haven't even seen the rolla XRS. whats new in it?? more hp and fancy ground effects? Normally manufacturers fail miserably when they try to upgrade their line with a $30,000 neon with 230hp...still just a neon with honeycomb rims, then theres the ion redline....because im going to spend 32,000 on a car with 170hp after blowing the motor. sorry, i started a bit of a rant. does anyone have any pics of the new XRS, or specs at least?
^^still a neon that is capable of running 12s with simple bolt many cars can claim that??.....i give respect to any car that is fast.....doesn't matter what kind...import or domestic.....:thumbup:
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