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does anyone know what motor they use in the toyotas in nascar?
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likely the same kind of motor they use in the other vehicles racing in the giant left hand turn. all those motors have to be exact specs, if my memory serves me correctly.
yes every single motor is made to a certain spec
theyre all cam in block carburated V8 engines....not sure exactly what size or power they make, i just know they are extremely specific on how these engines are built
the toyota NASCAR engine is the only OHV cam in block engine ever built by toyota.
According to the howstuffworks website, the engines are 5.87L (358 cubic inches) and create over 750 horsepower. That's for the engines in general, not Toyota. However, they are all based off the same engine give and take a few horsepower. Toyota had a 30hp advantage over the other cars in the Daytona 500 from what I heard.
i would guess, one from the truck. the v8 one...
i would guess, one from the truck. the v8 one...
incorrect. read before providing an answer...the answer has already been provided in the thread. ;)
^^ completely different engine. thats a 5.7 V8 four cam VVTi engine
the nascar engines are cam in block, OHV pushrod engines
Wait... I provided the correct answer?! Do I get a prize?
Wait... I provided the correct answer?! Do I get a prize?
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toll house chocolate chip...and if you don't like those, then there's something wrong with you. :p
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Toyota had a 30hp advantage over the other cars in the Daytona 500 from what I heard.
In restrictor plate trim, which is generally half of what the engine makes normally. That could turn into a serious advantage on a speedway track like Fontana, for example, where they don't run a restrictor plate. I don't expect that horsepower advantage to last long though. Rousch Fenway and Hendrick Motorsports, the biggest Ford and Chevy players, respectively, are probably all over their engines right now trying to get more power to catch up.
Well I noticed the Toyotas took a few more generous pit stops than the others, I would venture a guess that their timing was a tad advanced, explaining the lesser fuel economy and more power. There could be other reasons, but that is the only one that comes to mind.
holy thread resurrection...and no one said you had to pay to be a member. besides, TONS of large-scale forums have paid account options. how else do you think those forums survive?
Actually, here's the low down on Toyota spending it's way into nascar yota lovers

btw..what kind of message board has a 'bill you for membership' option?


Talk about a huge boatload of BS propaganda. Are you jack roush?
That's just a personal observation. No auto related message board is worthy of a 59 buck annual fee no matter who it's run by. Just a little surprised by the 'bridge for sale' option when I signed up (guess I'm spoiled on all of those Camaro, Mustang, Chevelle, Corvette, large scale forums all over the net).

I just wanted to supply some facts in relation to Toyotas absurd entry into nascar that's motivated primarily to move more Tundras to conquer the full size truck market. You know, in hopes of driving your own auto industry further under, the same industry that's taken the country that you reside in through two world wars (assuming you're an American that is)

My position is simple, Americans want to be Toyota enthusiasts, well that's their democratic right. What I resent however, is the agenda driven attempt by a Japanese car company to wrap themselves in the US flag in order to gain more of and edge in moving their product.
this is just my opinion, and i'm not looking to get involved in an e-fight (since you're here to do that, apparently...), but if American car companies could touch Japanese companies in quality control, they wouldn't have failed so gloriously. keep in mind that Nissan is also looking for bailout money from the Japanese they're not all bulletproof.

FYI: this was originally started as a Canadian forum, and we have a MASSIVE Canadian user base. assuming everyone here is American would be...well, incredibly untrue. tread lightly, noobsauce. ;)
Actually that's just another myth. If American car companies were that lousy in the quality department, first responders and fleet professionals who employ domestics to coordinate a job wouldn't be buying them up in fleets now would they?
I disagree. It comes down to price...price...and price with fleets. A good relative example of this is the continuing battle between Airbus and Boeing. By many in the aerospace industry Boeing is considered to offer a superior product (even if the company gets too cocky on occasion), but they lose many contracts and have been running second to Airbus the last few years because Airbus undercuts them on bids to customers. The customers don't care that Airbus is subsidized by the various European governments, or that their aircraft and not as good as Boeing's, but in the end it's the bottom line price that gets them to sign. I know three pilots at two different airlines that refuse to fly Airbus aircraft because of a variety of issues with them, and two of those pilots have remained second officers with reduced pay in order to stay with Boeing aircraft.

At any rate, IMO the fleet buying argument just doesn't wash as far as the quality issue is concerned.

Even if I grant you your reasoning with that, consider the following: we'll never see any Japanese highway cruisers out on the roadways, reason being? Japan has yet to offer an eight cylinder in a rear wheel drive application in a single car to date. Front wheel drive doesn't cut it, especially when we move out of the private sector to meet the needs of those who are employed behind the wheel to do a job.
If that's the case and cost is not the issue and performance is, then why are they not using AWD Audis or Porsches?
wow. what purpose do you have here, other than picking fights?
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