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Just a little note about a local toyota dealer - After changing plugs and coil due to misfire in cylinder #5, I decieded to take it to the dealer. BIG MISTAKE! They told me they did a copression test and found 60psi in cylinder #5. They quoted me $8369.00 to send heads out and repair the short block. I then took it to local toyota repair shop who found it to be fuel injector for #5. I can't believe what crooks work at the dealership.


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How much did the fuel injector job cost? Did that solve the problem? If it did, make a copy of the service report, and get the estimate from the Toyota dealer with the $8, plus estimate on it, then take it to the Better Business Bureau, and send a copy to Toyota headquarters.
I think all the toyota dealers are doing this. They give you an extremely high estimate for repairs, in the hopes that you will abandon your vehicle and buy a new one from them.
I am in the same position as you. I called a Toyota dealer about my '96 Toyota T-100 truck problems,and the guy told me...."Well, you know we are going into this blind. We have no idea what it could cost you. How much do you plan to spend on this truck? We charge $100.00 an hour, you know."
So, what does that show you? That they want to discourage you from having it fixed....just throw it away, and get a new one. I am giving it one more try on my T-100. I just spent $440.00 on it, and the engine light is still on. Next, is the distributor cap, plugs, and rotor for another $123.00. After that, it's to the junk yard. I can't sell it this way, so I am screwed. I have never been so burnt with a vehicle as I have with the T-100. I will never buy another one, or any Toyota truck, for that matter.
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