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toyota pickup Rack and Pinion

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i have a rear toyota pickup axle outta a 1989 i took the ring gear and pinion gear out and i counted a 37 ring and 7 pinion which should be a 5.29 gear ratio i have a front differntial that i have no idea which toyota pickup its from cause i bought a 93 and it came with a extra front diff and i have the 1989's front diff also.

anyway that front diff i have i took the front cover off and counted that ring gear which was 41 and the pinion gear which was 16 or 17 which gives like a 2.46 or 2.56 gear ratio

my problem is in my truck i had to swap front diffs and now the gear ratios dont match up so im trying to figure out which front diff is what

- i have the 1989 rear axle which is a 5.29
- 1 front diff which has a 41 ring gear and 16 or 17 pinion gear
- 1 front diff taht is currently in the truck that has unknown gears i havent checked

i know that the rear of the truck spins faster than te front when in 4 low because the front were creeping and the rear was spinning in the dirt

so how will i know if i open up the front diff thats in my truck now if it will match the 1989s 5.29 gear ratio

MY main question is if the rear axle has 37 ring and 7 pinion
should the front have a 37 ring and 7 pinion also
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Toyota doesn't have a factory 5.29 ratio.
If you indeed do have a 5.29 it's aftermarket.

Toyota doesn't have a 2.anything ratio in a 4WD or 2WD truck.

But to answer your "main question", the front and rear ratios have to match in a 4WD truck.
I think you meant ring and pinion.

For all the people who found this thread looking for rack and pinion for a Toyota pickup, I make a kit.

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