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Frustrated Nightmare of having a 2001 Toyota Sequoia, 4x4 Limited

Possible Class Action for the Owners of Toyota SUV, Sequoia, and Heavy Pick ups

We Need Assistance of Professional Lemon Law Attorney

May 26, 2005


After hearing the Toyota Recall news, I was so disappointed that 2001 Sequoia was not included in the list. How can it be? I went on to the internet and I was so glad that many ( Sequoia, heavy truck, and SUVs) owners have the same frustration.

We bought the brand new 2001 limited Sequoia. The following problems come:

  • At 5,492 miles, the vehicle pulled to the right
  • At 11,641 miles, the vehicle pulled to the right, brake light went on, and rapid abnormal wear outer edges of the front set of tires
  • At 12,249 miles, the vehicle pulled to the right and the brake light on while driving.
  • At 15,603 miles, the vehicle pulled to the right
  • At 17,100 miles, the vehicle pulled to the right, rapid abnormal outer edges wear of the front set tires, and brake squeak
  • At 17,361 miles, the engine light went on
  • At 32,233 miles, the vehicle pulled to the right, the front set of tires worn out again, and the clunking noise when shifted the gear to reverse

The following statistics come along with the above repairs done by Toyota Dealer:

  • 4 pairs/set of brand new tires worn out on this vehicle within 31,127 miles. It means in every 7,782 miles this vehicle needs to have a new set of front tires.
  • After 7 times of alignments, Toyota dealer kept saying that the vehicle is within the factory specification, but could not give any reason of rapid abnormal tire wear.
  • Front brake has problems at 11,641 miles and was repaired. The front brake problem came again at 17,000 miles and was replaced and rotored. The brake started to squeak again at 31,127 miles.
  • Engine light was on and repair at 17,361 miles and repaired.
  • Clunking noise when we shift to the reverse gear at 31,000 miles.

All these problems are still there and more. Toyota dealer attempted to repair these problems under warranty, 3 year 36,000 miles. Each and every time Toyota promptly serviced our vehicle, but never fixed and identified the vehicle’s real problems.

Within the warranty, the dealer claimed it was under the term of “goodwill”, both the dealer and Toyota Motor, of their expenses, replaced four brand new tires for the vehicle because of the rapid abnormal wear of the front set of tires. Unfortunately, a mechanic, not from Toyota Dealer, identified that these four new tires are with 180 tread wear, yet the Sequoia should used 300 tread wear.

When I brought in the same problems for repairs several days before the third years/36,000 miles, Toyota dealer tricked/told me that all appointments were booked and needed to be re-scheduled. Over the weekend, I called again. Toyota told me that I was out of warranty and refused to take in the vehicle because I had to pay for all repairs and services.

The arbitration with National Center for Dispute Settlement, sponsored by Toyota, denied my request to replace or refund this vehicle. Ironically, they claimed that the customer failed to identify the vehicle’s problems and Toyota Motor is not responsible for the defected tires, “Tires are separate warranty provided by the tire manufacturer.”

I am a loyal Toyota customer and have never run into a Toyota vehicle likes this one. According to my 30 years of driving experience, I believe the whole front wheel system/components are defected or design error even though that I am not a professional auto mechanic.

The most frightening matters are:

    • Four front set of tires worn out in 31,233 miles.
    • The first front brakes were repaired at 11,641 miles and the second front brakes were repaired at 17,100 miles.
    • After 7 times of alignments, the vehicle is still pulling.

These matters make me concern about the future maintenance costs of the vehicle. Additionally, we do not believe Sequoia is a safe and reliable vehicle because the dealer could not even identify and fix the problems.

For the good of the Toyota Motor, I believe, Toyota should redesign the front wheel system/components or at least to identify the problems and fix them. Before that, Toyota Motor should replace or refund the vehicle ( May be all heavy SUV or Pick up, I don’t know) before more incidents may happen.

My attorney and I have tried, Toyota Motor is trying to sweep us under the carpet. I am looking for a professional attorney for a possible class action. If you, the SUV, Sequoia, Heavy Pick up Owners, have the same problems/recognition, please e-mail me and support this action. If you are a professional lemon law attorney, please e-mail me and we need your assistance. I am not a computer professional. Please help me to post or pass on this e-mail to all relevant websites and all heavy Toyota vehicle users.

Note: I will respond to all support on or after 6/30/05. My e-mail: [email protected]
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