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I have no idea where to put this post, since the Rush is also sold as a Daihatsu in certain markets, or maybe perhaps its the other way around, so I thought its best for me to post this here.

I just put down a deposit for a 2020 Toyota Rush 1.5L S, in "Bronze Mica Metallic" to use as my inner city runabout, since its narrower and lower than my 2016 Land Cruiser. However, I find its engine very lack-luster, at 1.5L it produces only 103 bhp(hp?), especially when compared to something like a Peugeot 508 which produces 225 bhp with just 1.6L. Anyways, I was wondering whether anybody here could guide me in regards to tuning the 2NR-VE engine, I'm looking for around ~200 bhp output, preferably without any kind of forced induction. My budget is around $2k-3k.

Also, I would like to know how I can make the ride a bit smoother, as I've noticed it bounces quite a bit due to its rear suspension setup. I would like to know if there are any premium after market suspension kits that would make the ride smoother and also have good amounts of damping to avoid body roll.

Lastly, I wanted to know what is the maximum size of tire that is compatible with the Toyota Rush? It currently sports 215/65 R17's. I would like to go bigger so I can fill the arches better, make the car look nicer.

I hope I get responses if any, as this section of the forum seems quite dead.

Thanks in advance!.
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