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You are not quite there, lots of things garbled together, I was referring to actual MSRP, but lets just look at what Toyota build tells us:
So this is an actual MSRP without any other addons which he didn't have, which was close to my MSRP at 48438 and as I mentioned the difference being I had cross bars and basic color.

Lets do some basic math. For this build he was given MSRP at $49,915 - $48,513, so the question is what the heck is that $1,402 difference in MSRP for his build?
See rule #58 on there, the transportation fee or whatever they call it isn't built into that pricing.

Doesn't matter, I am happy. They also offered me higher than KBB value on my trade and ended up going $357 lower for me to leave with it today.

Also got the 6yr/100K Toyota Platinum warranty for $885.
301 - 302 of 302 Posts