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Toyota Service Coupons

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I was going to get my transmission serviced the other day. I was wishing that I had a 10% or 20% off service coupon. This would save me $15 to $30 just on the transmission flush.

What do you guys think about posting up unused coupons? If you get some good coupons in the mail, and you know that you won't use it, then you could mail it to somebody else here that might need it. What do you think?

Will Toyota accept copies of a coupon, or do they have to be the originals? If they will accept copies then all we'd have to do is Scan, or fax coupons to eachother. We could give it a try?

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my dealership post their coupons right on the webpage and they take competitors coupons and price match em if yours does that u can just print the coupons from my dealer. I always get "the Worx" coupon its $39.93 Oil and filter change (5 quarts) Rotate and inspect the tires, Inspect brake system ,Test battery, Check air and cabin filters, Check belts and hoses, Top off all fluid levels
Transmission fluid flush coupon is $139.92 Flush transmission and replace automatic transmission/transaxle fluid. Inspect and lubricate linkage and controls (where applicable). Road test. Offer valid on most vehicles. Disposal fee extra, if applicable. See service advisor for details. *Recommended every 30,000 miles
If only I would have known about this I just got some coupons that I didn't use and I threw out. Now I know I will keep them in the future.
I'm looking for a Trans Flush coupon, or just a general 10% or 20% off any service coupon.
I'm looking for a Trans Flush coupon, or just a general 10% or 20% off any service coupon.
will they accept any coupon? i got some N.Texas Toyota coupons if you need them...
I doubt it would work in Ohio if the coupons say that they have to be used in Texas. I dunno.
Here are a bunch of Toyota service and parts coupons here

The 20% Off parts coupon can be used online on City Toyota's website, but the service coupons are only for that dealership. Sometimes other dealers will price match though
I used the brake service coupon with success. THANKS!

Thank you "Toyota Nation", "Hutchie" and "Toyota Nation" for the discount product add and coupons, coz my uncle need much, sharing coupons is really nice habit, coz in this fluctuating economical time these coupons are really providing a big relief in these days.

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