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Toyota : Supra Targa Stunning Toyota Supra - 1989 Classic



The car is a time capsule and you can see from the pictures it's in astounding condition. The model is the special edition White on White. Pearl White car, white trim, white mags. I bought this beauty new in Cincinnati and have owned it all of it's 26 year history. I've put it away every October and back on the road in April. No winter driving. It's been in zero accidents - barely any scratches even. The inside upholstery is virtually factory condition with almost no wear and tear. ** Someone just brushed up against my bumper. Very tiny roughing of paint on rear bumper. No denting. Probably can be buffed out. I just put in a new radiator and complete exhaust system about 1000 miles ago. It has been serviced more than normal for maintenance. I didn't want surprises. It hasn't had any mechanical problems at all for its whole life. It is plated in Canada and can be sold here obviously with no hassle. Since it also was plated in Ohio, it can also be re-imported back into the USA with no duties or hassle there. This car has been my baby, my toy, my link to youth for almost 3 decades now. Maybe you'd like to relive your memories now too. Me, I'm pushing 70 so it's about time I let some other Supra lover behind the wheel. As a plus, in just a couple more years this will be a certified Classic Car with all the bonus' that gives. The suspension allows for two different settings controlled by the driver for dampening road impact. A third dampening level is programmed into the car but it only kicks in when the vehicle is braking hard or traveling through turns fast. The Supra also utilized a wishbone suspension assembly in the front and back axles. Don’t let this rare example of a 1989 Toyota Supra get away. This is the non-turbo version with a 3.0L inline 6. It goes when you hit it and corners great, regardless of how hard you push it. Everything is stock and everything works perfectly except the A/C. It works but without cold air. I believe the A/C just needs a freon top up but I haven't had that tried. I drive the car so little now, that turning on the A/C rarely comes up, so I'm guessing lack of use has caused some evaporation there.* One last thing. You'll notice on one of the pictures a small spot of surface rust on the rear wheel well. That's the only rust on the car and it's really early to catch it and fix it.* I went to CARSTAR for a quote on the rust and the guy there said I shouldn't fix it if I were to sell it soon, which of course I'm doing. In his opinion, a new buyer would want to see the tiny rust versus seeing new paint on the car. He felt seeing new paint would make a person wonder if there's been accident damage etc. Since the car is spotless except for this, I've opted to let you see it as is. BTW, his ballpark quote for fixing that was between $600-800 CDN which is $400-600 USD. You can see more on the car, and pictures are clearer at: *

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