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Toyota redesigned its Tacoma midsize pickup truck for the 2016 model year, making it one of three pickups that qualified for the 2016 Truck of the Year Award.

Toyota would have you believe that this is an entirely new truck, but that isn’t exactly the case. In what seems to be a trend with the large Japanese automaker, Toyota did just enough with the Tacoma to make it relevant in today’s market, without trying too hard to jump in front of its competitors. As proof, you need merely look at its rear drum brakes and incredibly heavy steel hood to see that Toyota didn’t blow the bankroll on this truck.

Interior dimensions also remain the same as the previous truck, which means that the back seat still only offers 32.6 inches of legroom, not enough to to accommodate an adult in comfort or to compete with its main competition, which offers just more than three inches more. Seating is even less comfortable for the driver, thanks to a seat that sits too close to the floor and doesn’t have any height adjustment. It means that your right leg ends up sitting too flat, quickly becoming uncomfortable.

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