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trxr said:
I thought the Solara looked like ass from the start.
Absolutely has to hit the top 10 list of ugliest cars ever made. To say that it is dog ugly would be disrespectful to my late Chow, Eleanor.

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Where are we getting these mid 14s numbers for the GTO?

Bone stock, the 2004 with the 350hp LS1 were easy mid 13s and 0-60 in low 5s.

The 2005 and 2006 cars with the 400hp LS2 were in very low 13s and 0-60 in the high 4s. Some stock LS2s run 12.9. These are strong C5 Vette numbers.

Simple bolt ons for the LS2 and you're easily into the 12s on every run.

Go into crazier mods like the bolt on STS turbo kits or superchargers and you will see low 12s or high 11s.

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I'm sure it's been said already since I didn't read the whole thread but if they want to sell solaras they need to make them rwd and handle a crap load better.

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True... but you see they should have just kept it simple. The first generation was hot. The latest generation, in the effort o make it look like a "cheaper" lexus SC, the thing comes out as bloated and a bit boring (no offence to current Solara owners).

They need to keep the styling closer to the sedan and maybe even drop the Solara name.

Either take it to the next level and make it more sportier, or drop the name and make it just a Camry coupe. There is no reason to give it a different name if it's the same old shit with two less doors.
i agree. the front of the 2nd gen was very well executed. very agressive looking, but as it went to the rear i just couldnt stand it, made me think of the SC 430 everytime i looked at it. its like chrysler making the town & country and dodge grand caravan. aesthetics wise, doesnt make sense. kind of misleading on toyotas part imo

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aznstylez said:
I think it was MotorTrend magazine who tested the new Camry V6SE and timed it doing 0-60 in 6.0 sec flat. It's pretty darn fast to me when I tested 1.
v6 Camry is pretty damm fast for a family sedan. That, the Altima v6/SE-R, and SRT-4 were cars that I wasn't expecting to be very fast.

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camrycoupe95 said:
The first rule in branding...K.I.S.S. -- Keep It Simple Stupid.

We all know the Solara is the Camry Coupe of the day. But how many average people know that? You know how unaware the average person is. They don't pay attention to the little details like us car folks.

It's possible the average person didn't know it's a Camry. It's possible because the 2nd gen Solara looks nothing like the Camry sedan. It's possible because, correct me if I'm wrong, but the word "CAMRY" appears nowhere on the Solara.

Toyota spends all this time and money branding the name "Camry" and then they call the coupe a totally different name??!! :ugh3:

Think about it this way: the Camry sedan is the best selling car in the US. I find it impossible that Solara couldn't get more sales just on that fact alone.

Look at Accord, I probably see 4 Accord coupes for every 1 Solara. Maybe because Honda didn't come up with some cute name to call their coupe. :disappoin
Oddly enough, it's bundled with the Camry when Toyota gives total "Camry" sales. I think that's the only way to boost Camry numbers by officially registering it as "Camry Solara" Sorta like how the Matrix sales are bundled with the Corolla cause it's officially registered as the Corolla Matrix.
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