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Toyota TRD seat covers vs Wet Okole ?

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Besides price and colors. Which would hold up more in the long run?....Thanks, Chris
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Besides price and colors. Which would hold up more in the long run?....Thanks, Chris
Not 100% which would. I know that the Wet Okole are far more comfortable and more desired...

We are getting a group buy together for Wet Okole...sign up! :thumbup:
Yeah...good job on getting the Okole group buy....its what prompted my question. :thumbup:
How Hot/sticky are Wet Okoles compared to cloth/others?

We have a couple of small cig burns in the passenger side cushion of our new-to-us '05 Tacoma (bench seat)... so will want to put a cover on.

At the group buy price, a Wet Okole looks like a good deal, no more than a GT Cover cloth seat cover.

I've STFA and gotten some idea of opinions but more data is good ... It gets hot & sticky here in Va. in the summer --- how does the neoprene in the WOs do in hot & sticky weather? And how does it handle cold winter weather?

I like the idea of a set of WO for the bench seat but not sure my wife will like/want neoprene and I'm sure she'll ask me these Qs, so thanks for any answers on issues like:

1. hot weather comfort
2. stain resistance/dirt/cleaning
3. general comfort compared to cloth.

Last Q: Does anyone know, if you order the Lumbar Support on the Wet Okoles, is it permanently attached to the cover or can it be removed?


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1. I live in Miami and they are comfortable in hot weather. If I have shorts on I will sweat a bit but I don't blame the seat covers for that.

2. My covers are 2 years old and look like the day I put them on. You can clean them while they are right on the seat with a cloth or if you want to remove them you can wash them on delicate in a machine. I prefer to just clean up any spots they get with a cloth.

3. They are more comfortable than the regular cloth because they also have a "spongy" feel. The neoprene is like a thick wetsuit, not a thin skin.

You can see photos of mine on my cardomain site linked below.
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